Join Us

Serving Cows and Cattle is not just an activity... perhaps, its our prime duty & responsibility. Its an life time mission. We are very sure that you would like to join this noble cause and lifetime mission of mankind.

If you want to contribute you can come Ahinsa Goshala any time and do “Goseva” ( serving cows) you are most welcome. But, if you find it difficult to spare some time to visit Goshala you can still join us through different ways.

  • *You can donate to our organization either funds, green fodder, water tanks, dry fodder, medicines, supplementary nutritional foods, jaggery & much more.

  • * You can spread awareness among people about the importance of cows and our social responsibility towards them.

  • * You can motivate people to donate and celebrate their special events ( like birthdays, anniversaries, openings, weekends, get togethers etc....) by serving cows (Goseva).

  • * You can serve water, roties, fodders & other edibles to the cows rendering around your home and office.

  • * Since, cow and cattle slaughtering is banned in almost all states of India, if you find anybody transporting cows & cattle forcibly for slaughtering.... you can immediately call the local police and inform them the vehicle number and its location.

Doing this you may save several lives of Gomata.


To know more about the rules against cow slaughtering and their transportation in India please click on below links.