Dear animal lovers, as we all know that though cow slaughtering is banned in almost all states of the country..... India globally ranks 2nd in beef exports. This bitter fact proves that the rule against cow slaughtering in India has failed to protect the cows & cattle and is unable to stop the merciless killing of the innocent animals.

Hence, now its our prime responsibility to take utmost efforts to safeguard, protect & nurture our Gomata.... the real treasure of this planet earth.

We at Ahinsa Goshala are trying our best to spread the teachings of lord Mahaveer & other great men, that is mercy and love for every living being.

But as you know, big things requires a big team, dedicated team work & big funds. Since people are not aware of the importance of this initiative, it becomes hard to raise funds for such noble causes. We request every connected and devoted Gosevak and Ahinsa Premi to donate us as much as possible, so that we could perform our best and save maximum cows.

You may donate by cheque, D.D., net banking in the name of “Shri Shankheshwar Jain Yuva Mandal – Solapur” also you can deposit cash in our bank account.

You can find Our Bank Details at the bottom of this page.

Every contribution of yours, matters a lot to us and will support us.

Since we do not have commercial approach in serving the helpless cows, we face immense scarcity of funds to fulfil the daily needs of the 700 + cows like fodder, medicines, cow sheds etc... and since majority of the cows that comes to our Goshala are either old, very weak  or suffering from big diseases like cancer, we are unable to earn any income from them.

Our organization runs solely on donations. Without donations we can’t even imagine to take care of all hundreds of cows for even one single day.

It is the donation from various cow lovers, ahinsa premi & jeev daya premi that Ahinsa Goshala has successfully grown and emerged as the only big & best Goshala of Solapur district.

Here are some different structure of donation that you can take interest in.


Water Tanker - 1100/-

One time green fodder - 2100/-

Adopt a cow for one year - 5100/-

Life time name on granite sheet - 11111/-

Ahinsa Aadhar - 21000/-

Ahinsa Ratna - 31000/-

Land Donner - 51000/-

Bank Account Details

Account Name : Shri Shankheshwar Jain Yuva Mandal
IDBI A/c. No. : 0478104000067634 ,
IFSC Code : IBKL0000478,