"Welcome to Ahinsa Goshala, the land of mercy, the land of charity and the home of humanity".

We are a non government organization (NGO) involved in social welfare activities. Being actively involved in prevention of cruelty to animals given to them by man or nature, we are performing our duties towards the protection and prevention of environment.

We try our level best to rescue such cows and cattle which are been transported for illegal and merciless slaughtering.


In this so called developing & modernizing era, where humanity is getting evaporated from the hearts of we humans, where humans are behaving worst than animals, we all the members of “Shri Shankheshwar Yuva Mandal” as a organization are collectively of an ideology that every living being / organism on this planet earth has equal right to live life happily and being nature’s greatest creation and as a most powerful and intelligent living being, it’s the prime responsibility of we humans to save lives and help every life to live with happiness and peace.

From the very first day of the establishment in the year 1998, we were concentrately aimed towards “Jeev Daya” (mercy for lives) and we use to serve green fodder on every holiday to all cows roaming on the streets of solapur. With the help of doctors we use to conduct medical treatments of the wounded & helpless ill cows who had no owners to look after. These occasional practices motivated us to make “Jeev Daya” our lifetime mission and hence we formed “Ahinsa Goshala”


In more than a decade, Saving thousands of cows & other innocent animals and doing their seva (caring) till their last breath, Ahinsa Goshala has emerged as the best caring place for all the helpless holy cows & cattle (Govansh) in the district of solapur (MH. – India). The mission Jeev Daya has just begun and this will be continued for ages.


Making a world of peace, mercy, humanity, love, care and prosperity for not only human beings but also for all the living beings of this world. We did, we are and we will struggle hard to turn our universal dream into reality.


We are a dedicated and devoted team of 35 members with different potentials. Though majority of us are graduated established business people and a few professionals, we are passionate to serve, love and care cows.


Many eminent and renowned social workers and philanthropists and all the animal lovers supports our organization in direct or indirect ways. Since Ahinsa Goshala is a huge project, it needs help from various sectors and segments of people in the society. Some of our major supporters and well-wishers are…

----Shri Jain Shwetamber Murti Poojak Sangh – Solapur----

----Shri Sakal Jain Samaaj - Solapur----

----Animal Rahat----

----People for animal----

Many other individuals keep on supporting us in our day to day practices and works.


  • * Daily visit of 3 to 4 members to Ahinsa Goshala.

  • * Looking after each and every requirement & problems of the cows and cattle in the Goshala. Like fodder, water, electricity supply, labour attendance, milk distribution, health of cows, their medications, doctor’s visits etc…

  • * Raising funds in every possible way like monthly donation cards, donation boxes, insisting people to donate on any small big occasions in their family ( Birthdays, Anniversaries, Openings etc…)

  • * There is a long list of daily works that all of us fulfill according to our turns.